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We are a family of five living in Darfield, BC.
Our house is six hundred square feet in total and we are feeling cramped.

We have decided to build an earthship!

So starts the adventure ...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally! Our lambs have arrived!

On May 15th we got our ewe lambs from the Preharas in Knutsford, BC. All of us got a lamb. My lamb is named Whiskers! (This first picture is of Mrs. Prehara and her son trying to catch Stephen's ewe lamb).

When Whiskers was born her mom rejected her. Mrs. Prehara had to bottle feed her and twice she almost died because she got too cold. She was such a favourite lamb, that the other women from Mrs. Prehara's office in Kamloops, came to her farm and helped feed Whiskers.

When it came time to sell lambs, Mrs. Prehara just couldn't sell Whiskers as somebody's freezer lamb. She knew that mom and dad were looking for a ewe lamb of some kind for me, because I am too young to do a ewe lamb project in 4-H.

When we looked at lambs earlier in May, Mrs. Prehara surprised me by saying if I promised not to keep her as a freezer lamb, I could have Whiskers...for free! Mrs. Prehara wrote on my bill of sale, under "price paid": Just love and affection!

Whiskers has a black and brown face that is fluffy. She comes right up to people because she's used to being bottle fed. She loves to eat grain. Mom says she is a cute piggy-wig.

Katie and Stephen have really fiesty lambs. Stephen named his Zoom because she jumped over a four foot fence when we picked her up at the Prehara's. Tonight we couldn't even catch her from the pasture to take her back to the barn, so we had to let her follow Whiskers and Katie's lamb.

Katie's lamb is named Twirl-a-Girl. She is a brown lamb and is also hard to catch. Zoom and Twirl-a-girl are really protective of each other and stick closely together when we are around.

We got market lambs yesterday from Kershaws. Mine is the blackest and her name is Whiplash. Stephen named his Harley and Katie, who has the only male lamb of all of our lambs, named her lamb, Don Juan.

We have a Friesen lamb coming soon. A Friesen is a dairy milking lamb. You can make cheese out of the milk and we will breed her in two years, at the same time as Whiskers, Twirl-a-Girl and Zoom.

That brings our lamb count to seven!

(The last picture is of Dad trying to lure Zoom with some grain, but Whiskers kept jumping up on his legs, trying to get the grain for herself! She is very greedy!)

P.S. Mom helped me type this.


Anonymous said...

Terrific report on the lambs, Helen!

And the picture of your dad with Whiskers is really cute!

Cheers, Jan

Terry said...

Hi Helen - I'm so glad that all went well with the lambs. I'm sure Zoom and Twirl-a-girl will be easier to handle in a short time. Give each of them a scritch from me.

I really enjoyed your blog entry and the pictures (even if it wasn't what I thought was my best side).

Take care, Terry