Building An Earthship In Darfield, B.C.

We are a family of five living in Darfield, BC.
Our house is six hundred square feet in total and we are feeling cramped.

We have decided to build an earthship!

So starts the adventure ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flower Mystery Solved!

Stephen's student teacher posted a reply to our mystery! The flowers are called Livingston Daisies and she purchased the seeds at Art Knapps.

It's a small world. I was in at the Royal Bank in Kamloops today and I noticed the lady helping us had the last name of Curle, which isn't common. I asked if she was related to Stephen's student teacher and it turned out she was her mom! I left Stephen's email address and this blog address with her. Jillian had just returned from Asia and took a look at the picture on the blog tonight!

Jillian just received her teaching certificate this spring! Congratulations! I know all the students in Mrs. Fraser's Grade 4 class loved her. Here's to finding a job quickly, Jillian!

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