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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being a radical environmentalist may be the most boring job in the world!

Chris, who is much more well-read than I, mentioned this morning during an interview with North of 50 Magazine, that being an environmentalist, may well be the most boring job in the world.  Apparently, the new movement, is to do nothing at all.  By this I mean that some people have opted not to participate in a money society. 

It reminded me of a story I JUST read in Permaculture Magazine out of the U.K. about Mark Boyle, who did just that.  Here's a link to his story...

Chris and I have been quiet on the blog front recently. Last weekend we attended the Olympics and the kids hope to blog about our trip.  In the meantime Chris and I have been talking a lot about the house schedule, future income generation and how we want to "spend" our "free" time.  Lots to chew over, but not ready to share yet!   :)


James H. said...

I'm not sure how new this movement is...I have several roommates that have been participating* for decades!!! I don't think they are motivated by the environment though.

*Is it an oxymoron to participate by doing nothing?

Good see everyone on the weekend!!!

Our Pace said...

Are you a member of Zeitgeist? It would be one way to promote a society without money. We are attending our local Z-day event on March 13th to learn more about it. I have some info on my other blog.