Building An Earthship In Darfield, B.C.

We are a family of five living in Darfield, BC.
Our house is six hundred square feet in total and we are feeling cramped.

We have decided to build an earthship!

So starts the adventure ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

More tires...

We picked up a full load of tires today. We went to our standbys in Kamloops and although most of them didn't have a whole bunch of tires, we re-introduced ourselves after our tire hiatus. We left Kamloops with 13 tires but stopped in Barriere at our local tire shop and filled out the rest of the trailer.

We plan to go through the rest of Barriere's pile in the next few days and then talk to the folks in Clearwater about sorting through their pile before the recyclers come. It appears that the smaller centres don't have the recyclers come as often, so the tires build up. Good for us!

Because of the snow we can't put the tires where we normally do, so we've dumped them haphazardly on the edge of the driveway. In a week or so we will move them to the sorting area.

See tire counter at the end of the blog for our updated count!

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