Building An Earthship In Darfield, B.C.

We are a family of five living in Darfield, BC.
Our house is six hundred square feet in total and we are feeling cramped.

We have decided to build an earthship!

So starts the adventure ...

Friday, October 9, 2009

So close!

Today Tom, Steph, Chris and I filled and packed 27 tires. This leaves thirteen tires to be packed tomorrow. Unfortunately we won't have their help tomorrow (they are busy getting ready to make a big turkey dinner for 19 people at their cabin near Bridge Lake, B.C.) but thirteen tires shouldn't take us more than a few hours.

We are already looking ahead to what we can do before winter and I think we have accepted that we will not get the roof on before snow flies. We will move forward with the bond beam and I will be extremely happy if that gets poured this fall. Then, on good days, I can sand our weathered round log beams and then stain in the shop (heated). When they are stained and dried we will put them on the bond beam, putting them in place as we go. Might be able to work on other parts of the roof if we get a spate of really good weather this winter, but we are happy poking along and getting other parts lined up for a fast start in early April.

Dad showed up today with 31 tires giving us enough to finish the walls. What a relief. Although we will need to collect some 225 tires for the front wall in the spring, completing the 235 tire collection is a major milestone!

On a completely different note, the rooster took a run at me today! He can be a little aggressive to say the least. I think he is being "henpecked", though. When I let the chickens out today his feathers looked more than a bit ruffled and I think I saw blood on them.

Here are a few photos from today (none of the rooster going for me!)

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